Perfect Day


Measuring approximately 45 cm in length and 30 cm in width, our Perfect Day arrangement invites you to recreate cherished memories and share them with someone truly special.

Product Description

This delightful arrangement is a medley of Gerberas, Roses, Million Stars, and Carnation clusters, thoughtfully wrapped in your choice of rustic kraft paper or the earthy elegance of burlap. Securely tied with a grosgrain ribbon or rustic twine, it embodies the essence of simplicity and natural beauty.

While the specific colors of the flowers may vary based on seasonal availability, each arrangement is carefully curated to evoke the warmth and joy of a perfect day. With Perfect Day, you can share your fondest memories and create new ones, making it a meaningful and heartwarming gift for any occasion.

We have a simple goal – delight our customers with flowers that are high quality, fresh, and beautiful. While we may occasionally need to substitute for color or flower variety, we promise that the blooms you receive will be fresh and wow you or your gift recipient.

Enjoy FREE flower delivery in Metro Manila with Little Way Flower Shop excluding Vault Arrangements.

Please note that our Vault Arrangements are exclusive for St. Thérèse Columbarium, which we install for FREE. 

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